Saturday, November 17, 2012

Practice What You Preach

Parley Parker Pratt Prophet (1842-1903)

My husband's third great-grandmother's sister's husband.

Bradford William Pack --> Clarence William Pack II --> Lucille Mary Ann West Pack --> Alice Eliza James West --> Elizabeth Alice Unsworth James --> Alice Brooks Unsworth (sister to) Ann Brooks Prophet (married to) Parley Parker Pratt Prophet

Mrs. Watts died on Christmas Day in her 88th year.  

Parley Parker Pratt Prophet was asked to speak at her funeral held the following Monday in the South Weber meetinghouse in Utah. 

 He lived a short distance away and walked to the funeral to give the eulogy.

The Deseret News article reports that he spoke with the eloquence of a trained orator and not like the rough farmer that he was.  

He warned the audience to be prepared to meet their Maker at any moment because one never knows what hour they will be called upon to cross to the other shore.

He said that few will be able to live as long as Grandma Watts.  All will have to render an account of their life on the morning of the resurrection.  

Over and over he expressed his confidence that there is a life after this one and that we will be judged for the deeds we do in this world.

His last sentence was, 

"Surely the dead shall rise again.  Amen."

Then he sat down back in his chair and died.

That's right he died.  A blood vessel had burst in his brain.  Only no one really noticed at first.  Once the audience realized he was dead, they were overcome with grief and his body was carried out of the meetinghouse and back to his home where he was laid out for burial.

I wonder who was daring enough to speak at his funeral?

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