Thursday, June 28, 2012

Punishment for Life

Patsy (Pat) Marilyn Fresh Pack

My husband's mother

Bradford William Pack --> Patsy (Pat) Marilyn Fresh Pack

When Pat was seven years old she was playing during morning recess at school.  As she jumped, her two blond pigtails would fly in the air.  And then she missed the sidewalk and fell hitting the curb face first.

Blood was everywhere.  The teachers didn't know what to do, so they iced her nose and kept her in school.  They didn't call Pat's mom.

After school, Pat had a piano lesson with Annis Call.  She knocked on the door, and Mrs. Call saw two black eyes and a very swollen nose.  "Patsy!" she exclaimed, "You look terrible!  You better go home."

So Patsy walked home and her mother took one look at her and almost died.  "What happened to you?"

Pat didn't want to admit that she was a klutz and had tripped on the curb.  So she did a very bad thing.  She lied.

"Someone pushed me on the playground at school." Her mom went to her grave believing that was true.

For years Pat struggled to breathe through her nose.  She finally had surgery done on her nose, but it only fixed one side.

Pat says, "It's my punishment for lying to my mother."

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